A licensed b2b iGaming company based on blockchain. Established in 2017 with live products, a proven business model, audited results and numerous top crypto gaming clients leveraging its casino and sportsbook solutions.

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Token Sale Dates: Starting 10-06-2019 IEO Exchanges: Shortex, NewDex, Liquid

Who are we?

Monster Byte is a licensed B2B blockchain iGaming operator who provides an end to end compliant solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and existing gaming operators. Monster Byte offers Provably Fair Games, a risk-free Sportsbook, a cryptocurrency "bankroll as a service" and wallet solutions in both direct API access or custom-built white-label offerings.

✔ Established Brand with Live Products
✔ Revenue Generating
✔ Proven Team and Track Record
✔ Our own Intellectual Property

Provably Fair Casino

All of Monster Byte's games are built using a provably fair shuffling pattern ensuring players can independently verify the results of each hand.


Also known as '21', and the most popular casino game by far, the operator maintains roughly 0.6% house-edge.

3 Card Poker

A casino table game based on poker, one of our most lucrative products which provides operators with a 7.48% house-edge.


Also known as punto banco, extremely popular in both Europe and Asia, offers operators a 1.06% house edge.


Fast-paced action that action players can't get enough of! Offers operators a house-edge of 2.75%

Hi / Lo

A simple game where the player bets whether the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the current card, operators can expect a house-edge of 4.02%.

Video Poker

A staple in any casino, and one of the oldest casino games around, operators can expect a 0.46% house-edge.


The game that caught fire in the early days of Cryptocurrency gambling, allows users to set their own odds, while the house maintains a 1% house-edge

Risk-Free Sportsbook

One of the only risk-free Sportsbook solutions commercially available on the marketplace, featuring over 20,000 live sports events each month across 30 different sports.


The Monster Byte solution offers custom risk-management, leveraging proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning; enabling operators to earn 2 to 5% of every wager, regardless of whether the player wins or loses.

Best Margins

Modeled after Pinnacle's odds, but enhanced with our machine learning hedging algorithm, no one beats our margins. Consistently around 2.5% overround.

Developer Friendly

Restful APIs are available for any developer or existing operator to plug into to get the best odds and margins in the business.

Vast Selection

20,000 live matches and 65,000 pre-match events every month. 30+ sports types: from football betting to tennis to volleyball and hockey - the Monster Byte Sportsbook has it!

Reach & Wallet

Monster Byte provides a User Management CRM, Crypto Wallets, and a Universal Bankroll as an optional complementary component to our core products for all clients.

User CRM

Allows operators to get up and running quickly, without having to worry about the technical complexities around securely storing user credentials, user balances, play history, and more.

Universal Bankroll

This product, only available for licensed Monster Byte games, allows operators to utilize our bankroll, in exchange for a flat percentage of the house edge. Significantly minimizes the startup costs associated with bankroll management.

Various Cryptocurrency Support

Currently there is support for dozens of the most common and hottest cryptocurrencies through our platform, allowing operators an easy and secure way to take on new currencies without the technical complexities of managing and securing the physical wallet or node.

Our Clients

Below are select clients which leverage Monster Byte products; some of which are live and running, others launching in the near-future.


  • IEO Token Sale

    Monster Byte has identified several well-respected and licensed exchanges where we will conduct our initial rounds of our token offering. In addition, we are looking to engage with a single exchange in a games partnership where we would build them a licensed game portal as a complementary extension to their exchange branded with their look and feel.

  • Waves to EOS Conversion

    Existing Waves-based token holders will be welcome to exchange their current token on a portal on MonsterByte.io. In addition, we will begin to expand our sales team looking globally for iGaming talent.

  • MonsterGames.io Launch

    Monster Byte will officially launch our marquee direct to consumer licensed gaming portal. This new portal will not just be an excellent showcase of all our different products, but users in supported jurisdictions will be able to play with 8 different cryptocurrencies, centered around our new EOS based Monster Byte token (MBT) once it launches.

  • Slots & Additional Licenses

    We will build and launch an innovative Provably Fair Slot game. In addition, expanding beyond our current license, we will work diligently to acquire a UK Gaming License which will open up new jurisdictions to leverage our innovative gaming software.

  • Lottery and Additional Games

    Leveraging various connections in our advisory board, Monster Byte will seek to partner with established and licensed lottery providers offering this an additional add-on product to our B2B product suite. In addition, we will continue to add to our Provably Fair Games adding the popular Asian Dice Game, Sic-Bo.

  • Additional Table Games

    Adding to our suite of Provably Fair Games, we will add 3-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud for both our B2B offering, and on MonsterGames.io


Monster Byte is creating 105,000,000 tokens, of which 60,000,000 are to be sold during our IEO on several exchanges in order to fund the next stage of Monster Byte’s development. In addition, we are converting all our existing non-team owned Waves-based tokens into our new EOS token (MBT) after our first IEO rounds have finished.

On a monthly basis, Monster Byte will devote a percent of its operational profits into an Incentive Fund. The Incentive Fund is strategically leveraged in a variety of different ways to ensure MBT is strategically taken out of circulation, having a deflationary effect on the total MBT supply over time, please read the whitepaper for more detail.

Token Information

Name: MonsterByteToken
Type: Utility
Protocol: EOS
Asset ID: MBT
Current Round: IEO Phase 1
Round Bonus: 10%
Tokens Available in Round 10,000,000
Purchase Methods: BTC, EOS, LTC, ETH, TRX, USDT
Purchase Now: Portal
Start Date: October 6
Price: $0.075
IEO Exchanges: Shortex, NewDex (future), Liquid (future)

Use of Funds


Monster Byte consists of a dozen employees, spread across North America, UK, and India. Disciplines range from engineering, business development, marketing and leadership verticals. Our team collectively has over 70 years experience in the internet technology & gaming sector.

Tim Walters


Founder of Monster Byte, Tim has been pivotal to the development of all of Monster Byte's intellectual property since inception. In addition, he has vast experience running large and complex software architecture solutions in Fortune 50 companies within North America.

Keith Erickson

Business Operations

Keith has over 17 years of experience in management consulting, process analysis, strategic planning, project management, business development and executive coaching. He recently joined the Monster Byte leadership team in 2019 and is responsible for Business Operations.

Jamie Gold


Jamie is a world-renowned champion recognized by over 200 million players and gaming enthusiasts worldwide as the winner of the largest event in poker history. An advisor, marketing, and PR specialist for tech companies he has been instrumental in the launch, expansion, marketing, and financing of several companies in the gaming sector.

Theo Goodman

Community Lead

Sports Betting expert and bitcoin fanatic, Theo Goodman is the owner of degenbet.com and the largest sports betting community on telegram messenger. He is also a long time contributor to World Crypto Network and writes for bitsonline.com. Theo will be driving various product additions and enhancements based on community feedback and best practices within the sports-betting industry.