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Monster Byte Inc. is a technology company which owns a suite of long-standing and profitable Cryptocurrency Gambling websites, all of which have been custom-built with proprietary technology owned by Monster Byte. Since its inception in 2013, Monster Byte has been on a mission to become the world’s premier destination for cryptocurrency gamblers to not only wager on sports, but also bet on games of chance like Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Our company is seeking expansion and revenue growth by increased marketing and product development while also entering into wholesale B2B operations via white-labeling all existing software for resale and licensing purposes.

Consumer Portals

Below are the three well-established gaming portals leveraging Monster Byte's intellectual property, all ready for for takeoff.

Founded in April, 2013 - 8633 active users

Originally founded as in 2013 as the world's first Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook in one! offers a full Sportsbook, Provably Fair Casino Games, Peer to Peer Skill-Based Games, Seasonal Pool Contests which supplement the Sportsbook, and tons of weekly promotions and incentives.

Founded in January, 2012 - 9354 active users

Launched in 2012, was the first online bitcoin gambling platforms that offered wagering with just 1% house edge. It has since morphed into a dice site where players can set their own odds, with the house taking a 1% edge, and has other features like Raffles, and Crypto-Currency trading all within the application.

Founded in May, 2012 - 3185 active users is a flash-based casino which offers over 49 different game variations based on Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and other table games. Launched in 2012, it was one of the first Bitcoin Casinos ever created! Monster Byte Inc. acquired the rights, intellectual property, and users of Bit777 from UltraPlay LTD in February of 2014.

Business to Business

A new revenue stream, Monster Byte will begin syndicating all its products via a set of APIs, or hosted white-label solution, to both traditional fiat and cryptocurrency gaming portals in 2018.

Sportsbook 29 Different Events to Wager on, Unique Odds, Parlays, Built-in Risk-Management, all via an easy to use API.

BlackJack Also known as '21', operator maintains roughly 0.6% house-edge, extendable via white-label solution or API.

3 Card Poker A casino table game based on poker, and most profitable ever, offering operators a 7.48% house-edge.

Baccarat Also known as punto banco, extremely popular in both Europe and Asia, offers operators a 1.06% house edge.

Roulette Fast-paced action that action players can't get enough of! Offers operators a house-edge of 2.75%

Hi / Lo A simple game where the player bets whether the next card in the deck will be higher or lower than the current card, operators can expect a house-edge of 4.02%.

Video Poker A staple in any casino, and one of the oldest casino games around, operators can expect a 0.46% house-edge.

Dice The game that caught fire in the early days of Cryptocurrency gambling, allows users to set their own odds, while the house maintains a 1% house-edge

Revenue Model

Monster Byte's ICO is extremely unique in the fact that it's technically not a start-up, or idea. We've been generating revenue, adding users, and enhancing our product since inception in 2013! You can find our historic revenue below.

(*Sportsbook assumes no-risk model which is going live in July 2017)

The above revenue was done with a very small team, with an extremely limited budget. In total, we raised $55,000 on Havelock Investments in 2014, and have since bootstrapped ourselves to continue to advance our product through the years. Revenue charts like above do not account for the countless "start-up" lessons learned which new operators in this space will undoubtedly run into as they begin to launch their products and scale, we have the luxury of 4 years of real experience in this sector, something that should not be overlooked.

Currently, online gambling as a whole is a $46 Billion/year market. Depending on estimates, it is expected to be approximately $50 Billion/year by 2019. At the same time, due the benefits of both the player and operator, cryptocurrency gambling is going to ‘eat into’ this market at a conservative rate of 1% by 2018. Based on our solid reputation and long-standing history in this young niche market, as well as our expansion into B2B operations, we should easily be able to reach (and surpass) the targets we set-forth for ourselves below.

ICO Allocation

The ICO pre-sale started on July 3rd, and was oversubscribed in just under 10 minutes!

The general sale will open at July 6th at 20:00, 7,500,000 Monster Byte tokens will then be sold at $0.11 USD.

In total, we anticipate raising $1,030,000 USD which will give Monster Byte a $4.4M post-money valuation. We chose not to have an open cap as savvy investors should know exactly what they are buying into, with a well-defined capitalization model.

Token Allocation

Use of Funds


  • New Sportsbook will launch a new Sportsbook with a sophisticated risk-management system in place which will enable them to earn anywhere from 2.5% to 4.0% on all wagers placed, regardless if the players win or loses. In addition to this new platform, we will introduce a new UI/UX built with mobile users in mind, you can view an example here.

  • PeerBet Relaunched!, one of the oldest dice sites around, will be relaunched with a far more modern look and feel; built with a responsive design for mobile and tablet play. You can view a working proof of concept here.

  • Hire Marketers

    We will hire a community manager for both PeerBet, as well as, who will promote the brand and run contests in various forums, and social media, ultimately driving rich content and traffic from the global online gaming space.

  • More Coin Support

    Just ahead of the US NFL season, we will begin accepting other cryptocurrency coins on, include Waves, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others.

  • B2B APIs

    Casino and Sportsbook APIs will be available for consumption by third party operators that want the benefit of our no-risk sportsbook, and provably fair casino platform. Monster Byte will charge a yearly platform licensing fee, as well as partake in a share of the operators revenue.

  • Telegram Betting Support

    Levering our B2B APIs, we will leverage the powerful nature of Telegram Bots and broaden the pool of users drastically by allowing seamless wagering all within the Telegram platform.

Benefits to Token Holders

Monster Byte Token holders will benefit from us listing this token on the Waves Platform due to the ability to easily trade tokens against other assets and cryptocurrencies all within the DEX, a very liquid decentralized exchange in the Waves LiteApp Wallet.

On a quarterly basis, all Monster Byte token holders are entitled to their share of our collective profit (revenue - expenses). Dividends will be paid in bitcoin, and detailed quarterly reports will be published to provide full transparency on our operations. An example of a recent report is located here: Q1 2017 Report


Luke Rose

CEO, Biz Development

An Internet Marketing Professional, and successful Serial Entrepreneur with over a decade's experience building and marketing various eCommerce sites from inception to acquisition. Luke is responsible for all business development aspects of Monster Byte, including it's consumer roadmap strategy as well as on-boarding new operators which will leverage Monster Byte's white-label and B2B solutions.

Tim Walters


A seasoned IT executive with over 15 years experience developing innovative products and solutions from idea-phase through launch and realized Return of Investment. Tim is also an avid entrepreneur, and the original creator of in 2013. He and his team are responsible for all consumer-facing, and B2B, software built and leveraged by Monster Byte.

Matthew Neumeier


A successful Serial Entrepreneur, focused on financial services, Matt is Co-Founder of Moneypot Inc., the world's first Bitcoin gambling wallet. MoneyPot has tens of thousands of users and has handled nearly 100,000 Bitcoin in wagered volume over the past year and a half. Matt will be assisting Monster Byte not just with this ICO, but the execution of the company's roadmap and marketing efforts well into 2018.

Theo Goodman


Sports Betting expert and bitcoin fanatic, Theo Goodman is the owner of and the largest sports betting community on telegram messenger. He is also a long time contributor to World Crypto Network and writes for Theo will be driving various product additions and enhancements based on community feedback and best practices within the sports-betting industry.